The Key Ingredient to a Simple Headshot

How to Create the Perfect Headshot

It’s not that simple to create a perfect headshot .  It requires some key factors.  Lighting, body language, engaging eye contact, consideration of where the photo will be used and the ‘presence’ factor.  Many people concentrate on what clothes to wear, makeup/hair styling, and what background to include.  But NONE of that matters if you forget about PRESENCE.  What is the presence?  How do you know if you have captured it?  Why does it matter?

Ever looked at a business headshot and thought, wow, she looks confident!?  Have you looked at a headshot photograph and it’s held your attention, but you aren’t quite sure why?  Ever looked at a business portrait and felt like you really could relate to the person on another level?  There is this energetic ‘stepping up’ in a business headshot that defines that alluring ‘presence’.  When you have that in a photograph, people take more notice.  They get to know you much more quickly and engage with you in a way that you want to know more.  It makes it less possible that they will gloss over you because you have made an impact.  In business, you want that because the amount of time you usually have to make a first impression is only a few seconds.

business portrait

business portrait