How New Images can Rejuvenate a Business

How New Images can Rejuvenate a Business

Katrina from NewSky Consulting has a new perspective and a new direction so what does she do? She goes through a re-branding exercise which includes a raft of new images for her business.

Businesses often reflect the energy of their owners, and this often changes over time. It’s important to match that change in energy with visual branding that supports the future vision of the business.

How Businesses evolve.

Many of my business clients are experienced and know what works, or doesn’t.  They have identified their niche and are looking to step up infinitely bolder in the next 18 months.  They have this vision they passionately want to execute for their clients, so they need creative help.  Katrina Johnson is one of those clients with awesome goals. She has an unyielding vision of how she wants her business to serve charity organisations so they can equally thrive.

Any photographer can take a ‘nice’ photo of someone, but here at Emotive Images, ‘nice’ doesn’t even enter the conversation.  When clients like Katrina commission me (aka trust me) to create their visual branding, I am forever extending them. I encourage them to be bolder – be forward thinking – be a visionary in their own business.  They receive hours of mentoring and mindset work, to prepare them to ‘step into’ being the ‘face’ of their business.  Visibility is the goal, and future thinking is the name of the game.  Katrina played that game and won so much with her experience.

Katrina’s New Images

“The whole process was quite cathartic in nature – from the discovery session, where my journey of where I started, to the now and into the future was explored through to the viewing session where my photos were played on a BIG screen and where the transformation that occurred from the process I had been through was so evident in the photos and the way they were presented!”

“The whole experience felt like an unveiling of sorts together with an ownership and stepping into who I am and where I am going. The impact on my business is that I now feel I can pour more of “me” into my business with confidence and poise… I have visual representations of my message; and of who I am and what I am like to work with. In my branding – it personalises my branding. I feel as though it gives me permission to be at one with my branding and to be playful, professional, real and genuine.”

Below is one of Katrina’s absolute favourite photograph from the whole Branding Experience!

My experience with emotive images has felt transformational. Not in the sense of becoming something different to who I am or something ‘more’, but transformational in that its okay to be seen as I am now and that all I have now is enough to achieve all that I have desired.

About Katrina

Katrina Johnson is a not-for-profit management and leadership mentor and coach. She has over 20 years of experience working in the NFP sector. She has managed the growth and operations of her beloved charity, CATS Inc, and as Director of her consultancy NewSky Consulting.  Katrina knows to find organisational and leadership solutions that are process focused, outcomes-driven but also aligned with values which help managers and new NFP leaders to become solution-focused, positive, congruent, calm, soulful and purposeful in their roles.  She combines her formal training with years of experience as an NFP leader herself to help managers move from feeling stuck, overwhelmed or disillusioned with the sector to being able to deliver solutions that align values and practise calmly and professionally.