Business branding that is memorable for YOU and your clients

How Are You Memorable For Your Clients?

If you’ve been looking for an experience and a strategy that will make your business memorable to those around you and especially SPEAK confidently to your ideal client, then a Business Branding Portrait session would be exactly what you are looking for.

The Story…

Imagine being on the set of The Voice reality TV show.  You are your business on the stage, but you only have your voice to show how great you are. You are about to perform a song. One that is about to rock the socks off of the people listening in the audience.  There are four chairs, all turned away from you.

Sitting in those chairs are your ideal client avatars.  The music starts…  Your ideal client avatars are listening intently for the music to start.  They are taking notice of the choice of song, the only thing they really have to form an impression.  You deliver the most amazing performance and several of those chairs begin to turn around. Your ideal client avatars are excited to put a face to the voice.  The connection is obvious, the crowd is excited, and a story begins.

What Should Business Branding Look Like?

Business branding is very similar to this metaphor.  Your ideal clients are only going to be attracted to you IF you move them in some way.

Your photographs and visual branding need to encourage your ideal clients to turn their chair around so they can see you. It’s through this they will want to call you, enquire about you or reach out to you at an event.

They need to feel/see something different coming from your voice / your photographs/videos because that is what they base their first impressions on.

If your first impression is simply a ‘nice’ photograph of you or a photograph that is quite obviously cropped from your cousin’s wedding 2 years ago, then you are communicating that energy to your ideal client.  However, if your Branding photographs are aligned with your biggest and boldest vision of yourself, then you will communicate confidence and expansiveness.

What I Can Do

Over the years I have created an expansive and supportive mentoring side to my branding portraits. These help my clients to bring their confidence levels in line with the fullness of their photographs.

Sally is one of my recent Business Branding portrait clients.  She has a highly successful established business, and she was ready to have a fresh rebrand of her business.  It was such a privilege to work with Sally. She was incredibly emotive and engaging with the camera.

“It’s difficult to pick one memorable moment. The discovery session was a great way for Louise to understand me and the direction of my business in order to inform the images we were to capture. It was a surprising way to get get better personal insight. The photographic session was fun. Okay, I admit, I’m not shy, so it went faster than I anticipated and we laughed most of our way through it! The design consultation process was a blast! I don’t like photos of me at the best of times but I kept saying ‘show me again’. That’s never happened before from any previous photo shoot. I actually like looking at the photos!”

“I’m getting loads of compliments. People who know me well have said that the photos are so much more like who I am. They are definitely on Brand SFL!”


Sally empowers the audience to be strong, authentic and confident. She’s been called the ‘skill-builder’ and ‘insight-igniter’, using her wicked sense of humour, fantastic ability to make people feel at ease and her professionalism. Pairing all that with her 20 years experience and exceptional qualifications, she’s inspired, trained and developed people from many industries across many countries. As your professional MC, Sally will keep the energy flowing, the speakers on track, the sponsors delighted, and your audience delighted! Sally’s focus is on you and the success of your event, ensuring everyone leaves raving about you and your event.