‘Heaven and Hell’ Cake Concept

I was approached by Taya from Deliciously Decadent Cake Design late last year to be involved in a concept shoot wrapped around the theme of “Heaven and Hell” while also highlighting the gorgeous cakes that she makes.  I jumped at the idea.   It would be a completely different type of shoot for me using a studio setup and working with an amazing team of people.  We were originally scheduled to conduct the shoot in January this year, however Mother Nature had other plans for us, and flooded the bottom of our cul-de-sac here in Riverhills.  So we rescheduled to last weekend.

As a photographer, it is amazing to meet so many amazing clients and photograph the beautiful moments in their lives.  But there is also something truly satisfying about letting lose and trying new things to build on my skills and extend myself further out of my comfort zone.  This was one of those shoots.

The brief was to create some dynamic and creative images that each person in the team could use for their portfolios, including cakes, headpieces, makeup, hair, modelling and of course photography 🙂

The photo shoot team included:

Cakes by Taya Burke from Deliciously Decadent Cake Design

Makeup by the ever talented Sally Rutten

Hair by the wonderful Vivianne Tran

Headpieces were created by the very creative Skye Harrison from Skye Collections

Our “Heaven Angel” was Kayla and our “Hell Angel” was Carly

And of course photography was by me, Louise, from Emotive Images.

I so highly recommend the people involved in this shoot.  Sally was amazing and flawless with her makeup.  Vivianne was so professional and got straight into creating exactly what was needed for the models’ hair.  Taya created the most creative cakes I have seen in South-East Queensland!  I was already in love with Skye’s headpieces before this shoot, but the ones we chose for this shoot really just brought it all together so well.  Kayla and Carly were so professional in modelling on the day.

Heavenly Cake Branding with a Hell-ish Twist

There isn’t much more I can say other than I hope that you enjoy this selection of images from the day!


heaven heaven heaven heaven heaven heaven heaven heaven

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