Fearlessly Free Woman

About Leanne – Fearlessly Free

Fearlessly Free Women is the subject and focus of Leanne Boyd’s business.

Leanne wanted business photos that reflected inspiration, confidence, happiness, independence and self-nurturing care for her female clients.

She has such a dynamic background and has learnt so many modalities of support in her career.  A Positive Psychology Coach in Leadership, Reiki Practitioner, Reflexologist, NLP Practitioner, Creatrix Group Facilitator and Motivational Speaker – just to name a few.

She is also an avid animal lover, so I knew that I HAD to include her animals in her photos in some way.  The words “fearlessly free” combined with horses – yep no-brainer. I really wanted Leanne to also get outside of her own comfort level. This meant really embodying the notion of freedom in her body language and facial expressions.


My highlight of the whole day was when two large, bold, strong horses were galloping towards me as I knelt down low to capture the entire scene in front of me.

I didn’t want to just take photos of Leanne that showed who she was right at that moment of clicking the camera shutter.  I wanted to create imagery of her further into the future, when she has 100% embraced her truest potential and she is confident and successful.  I want her to grow into her photographs.  I want her to invest in photographs that can be relevant to her branding as her business grows, expands and succeeds.

brisbane corporate photo

brisbane corporate photo “Louise was very encouraging during the shoot which made the experience fun. She knew how to bring out the best in me to achieve the result I wanted. The camera became a tool that allowed me to tell my story through my eyes and my images.”

brisbane corporate photo

brisbane corporate photo

“One of the most memorable moments of the experience was feeling the freedom of having my pets in the shoot. The memorable personal conversation with Louise during the session reminded me of my passion and reason for being there.”

brisbane corporate photo

brisbane corporate photo

“Being in front of the camera was quite liberating and provided me with an insight into myself.”

brisbane corporate photo

brisbane corporate photo brisbane corporate photo brisbane corporate photo

“If you want to tell your story in a way that will embrace your audience and have them wanting to know more about you then go to Emotive Images for the ultimate branding portfolio of professional images.”

“Louise’s unique photography service is like no other I have experienced and her goal is you have to ‘dig deep’ into your own truth and passion which, in turn, allows you to shine your best in your photos. Simply amazing and I am incredibly happy with the result.”

Thank you Louise.

Leanne Sutton-Boyd, Fearlessly Free Women and Winona Group.