Evolution of an Entrepreneur and Author

Branding and Evolution

It is a common perception that no one ever stays the same. Everyday we are evolving as we experience all that life has to give us. Some people are content to take little steps and make minimal changes but I’m yet to meet an entrepreneur or business owner who doesn’t aspire to be better or greater than what they are….

Head Shots verus Branding Shots

Refreshing your brand doesn’t involve grabbing just a few nice new ‘piccies’ for LinkedIn and Facebook. Well, it is if you want to have to go through the whole process again in 6 months time.  Nothing wrong with doing that, as I think updating your profile with fresh photos regularly is a good habit to get into for keeping yourself ‘current’ online.  But at some point in business we start to move out of the realm of ‘newbie’ status, and we begin to feel the desire to step up in a really different way.

Developing Brand You

Let’s face it, most entrepreneurs don’t start their own business because they think it’s going to be super simple.  Oh hang on, strike that lol.  More like – entrepreneurs don’t STAY in business for a long time because they think it’s all going to be super simple.  Most of us learn pretty early on that following the same marketing or business advice as everyone is doesn’t necessarily get us far.  We all start looking the same, sounding the same, offering the – yes you guessed it – SAME.  If you listen to some key people out there in the marketing world, ie Cerries Mooney or The Middle Finger Project (two of my all time favourite people at the moment), you will hear them talk about setting yourself apart in whatever way brings out your individuality.  Because as soon as you get super clear on what makes you -different- from everyone else out there. By this I mean finding your distinct voice. You then start attracting clients to do business with you who speak your distinct language.

Sally Thibault

Sally is all about career transformation. A speaker, author and EFT practitioner Sally is the epitome of a woman who is owning her journey rather than it own her. With a tremendous amount of experience Sally’s photos needed to show this. However, the photos also needed to show a different dimension to Sally as she sets on a new path…

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