Collaboration with Bremer Chiropractic

Meet the Bremer Chiropractic Family

When trust is the cornerstone of your business, there needs to be an infusion of business branding and a deep level of connection visible in the photographs. There is something truly compelling about branding photographs that invite your customers into the heart of your business. Especially for service based businesses.  Take a look at Bremer Chiropractic. As part of a rebranding exercise, Bremer Chiropractic was keen to include its entire staff as part of their rebranding. So, the collaboration between photographer and the Bremer team began.

Collaboration between myself and Bremer Chiropractic

After my initial planning session with the managers, it was clear that we would need to capture the various personality types among the staff members.  This diversity makes Bremer stand out as an amazing family-based business, with a long-standing reputation, locally.

In preparation for their photo session, I had the managers ask their staff to do a small written exercise. This grounds them while they are being photographed.

On the day, we walked each staff member through 10 minutes of connecting to the camera and creating a heartfelt portrait of themselves.  It was magical seeing the delight come over their faces, as they realised how ‘natural’ it was for them.

Each staff member had one connected headshot taken as well as one photo that captured what is important to them as individuals.  Some opted to have their photo taken with their kids, and some chose to highlight their hobbies and passions.

The entire photographic experience was so closely aligned with their values as a business and as professionals.  This is at the heart of every business photographic experience that I walk clients through. Collaboration, and aligning the purpose of the photos with their goals and values is paramount to me.


Words from Bremer

Once we met you, it was clear that you would make our photo shoot day interesting and fun … and would produce some great photos too.

You certainly delivered on all fronts. We had a great day with lots of laughs and we were thrilled with everyone’s photos.

You were very easy to work with, both in the planning stage and when we chose our final photos for purchase. You were efficient, explained everything to us and made us feel comfortable at all times.


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