Business Branding Photos with a Difference

Heather booked a Business Portrait Shoot with me recently to collaborate together to create some heartfelt branding images for her re-branded business named Life Transitions Centre.  She wanted to create something that had a professional look but also captured the spirit of her rebranded business and the journey that she would take her clients on.  I think that we captured exactly that for Heather!  I am so proud of her, because she took some risks, embraced who she was and gave her all in front of the camera!

Heather’s words about her experience

Where was your shoot done?

At home 

What was the overall theme or style?

Business photos with a difference

What was your initial reason for doing the shoot?

I needed to update my business photos and wanted something different

How did the shoot meet your expectations?

It was fun, different and captured the essence of me

What was a memorable moment from the shoot?

When Louise suggested doing a few shots with my dog in them

Would you do a similar type of shoot like this again in the future with Emotive Images?

Without a doubt, are there other types of shoots 🙂

What was it like being in front of the camera doing this type of shoot?

Relaxed, fun, engaging and lots of laughter

What was your most favourite image that you purchased from Emotive Images during your ordering session?

They are all my favourites and the one that is very unique is the one we did with the silk scarf

What do you think that you will say about these photos in 5 or 10 years time?

Great photos that captured the real me and lots of fun doing them 

What surprised you the most about this photo shoot?

How much Louise gave of herself to ensure I got the photos I wanted

What was your favourite photo out of the entire shoot?

The one of me sitting backwards in a chair just playing around

business portrait business portrait business portrait


business portrait

business portrait business portrait business portrait

business portrait

There are many great photographers in the market and I have had some great photos over the years that I loved. When it came time to refresh my business images I wanted something a little bit unique that wasn’t the same shot as the next person and the next person. Then I met Louise and her sense of fun and passion to deliver something uniquely me was infectious and I knew she was the girl to do the job I wanted. So here we are with awesome photos, having shared much laughter and inspiration along the way. If you embrace your unique individuality and desire something a little more engaging to capture your true essence then look no further than Emotive Images.

— Heather