Business Branding that captures the real person

Business Branding Headshots

Most people are unsure what to look for when searching for a photographer when upgrading their photographs for business branding.  I understand it. Often we’re trying to get to grips with what our marketing message is and how we will ‘BE’ business owners.  Initially for many business owners, they are still in this process of clarifying their message and business personality, so a simple head and shoulders photograph is often used. This is typically either taken by a photographer or cropped out of a personal photograph.

Aligning Business Photos with Business Growth

Months and years go by, this faithful and consistent photo starts to date. The alignment between the photograph and the business growth then becomes mismatched.  I have a lot of business owners approach me around this time; tired of playing the ‘safe’ option with their visual branding and identity and ready to step it up a notch or two.  Their confidence around their business and their service/product has grown, and they require business branding photographs to match that confidence.  It is a natural part of the process of being in business and is where I step in as a Transformational Expert. I help my clients to rediscover their WHY, their message and bring clarity to their visual identity. It’s the best part about my work and love watching it magically unfold.

Working with Andrew

Andrew is one of my business clients who came to me wanting to update his business branding.  He is a heart-centred business owner and intuitively I knew that we would work really well together.  During my Discovery Session** with Andrew I came to appreciate just how talented he is with his intuitive work. I knew he would need photographs that reflected this whilst also bringing warmth and friendliness to his visual imagery.  He needed imagery that really spoke to the viewer, and told a visual story about his style and character.  There’s usually only one chance to make an impression. If people are able to relate to your facial expression and connect with you in your visual branding, then you have already achieved so much more than most in business. (Remember the people who are using the personal cropped photographs for their branding?).

What is a Discovery Session

** A Discovery Session is a completely unique brainstorming experience with Emotive Images during which your comfort levels are stretched just a little. We make use of metaphor and symbolism to draw out different perspectives of your personality and your desires, all for the purposes of clarifying HOW you want to be photographed without any masks or insecurities or bluff and bravado – the real you in the way you have always wanted to be truly “seen”!

business branding

business branding business branding
Andrew is such a character! He has absolute strength in how he relates and connects with his clients.  So we needed to create imagery that reflected that with ease.  Instinctively, I believed that we needed to involve something dynamic, with light, to align with his type of business and to bring warmth to the image.  It’s amazing what some fairy lights from Bunnings can achieve! 🙂

business branding

business branding

The final part of our Photographic Experience together was to take some photographs outside in the nearby park, with Andrew’s partner.  What a beautiful way to end the entire experience for Andrew and his partner!

business branding

business branding business branding business branding business branding business branding business branding

 A few words from Andrew:

I’ve always used ‘normal’ photographers for my promotional photography. When I saw some portfolios of Louise’s work I was intrigued as to how she did it, the portfolios were so sensational. I booked an appointment and away we went, it was an amazing experience. Louise is unique in her ability to capture the real person, the real emotional and action person. This is a rare gift. Thank you Louise.