Glam Branding Photo Shoot for Local Makeup Artist

Claire and I worked together to create fresh, personality filled branding images that told a story about her skills, what she is passionate about and her quirky, fun side.  I have worked with a lot of makeup artists over the years, and the thing that has often struck me is that most makeup artists (just like many photographers *grin*) use photos of their work with other peoples’ faces as their profile photo for websites and social media. While it’s important to see your work and your level of skill with makeup, it is a strong point of difference for your clients to be able to see your face and relate to who you are personally as a business owner.  The photos that we produced for Claire, have a really strong personality to them, and enable the viewer to really get to know Claire before they have even met her in person. Below is a mixture of both Profile Images that show Claire’s beautiful smiling face, as well as Branded Story images that can be used alongside content on blog posts or as descriptive imagery in flyers and other marketing materials. The advantage of creating such a huge array of Business Branding imagery for your business, is that the whole spectrum of images are something that you can ‘grow into’ as a business owner and they can help influence and inspire the direction of your marketing well into the future.  Rather than ‘playing it safe’ and creating a limited number of images that could potentially be outgrown in a year or so, we are able to push the boundaries of a business owner’s comfort levels and invite them to step up into a space that commands more confidence from them. This is where the magic happens, and they end up stepping forward energetically in the photograph, peeling away any insecurities, and truly owning their worth and value as a business owner.


Business_Portrait_4 Business_Portrait_7 Business_Portrait_3 Business_Portrait_8 Business_Portrait_5 Business_Portrait_9 Business_Portrait_2

Feedback from Claire:

I absolutely love the pictures! When I showed my friends I got exactly the reaction I was looking for.  ‘That is so you!’
I cannot wait to implement them into my branding and be totally happy with the branding! Thank you so much!


Business_Portrait_10 Business_Portrait_12 Business_Portrait_11

Final words from Claire

I absolutely love my pictures from Louise! She totally got me and captured me as my brand perfectly. The response I have had to sharing some of the pictures so fas has been awesome! Friends and people that know me have said ‘how me’ the pictures are. I now look forward to sending them out when asked for a picture. The process was just amazing, and Louise was fabulous to work with. During the shoot she checked in with me after each shot to make sure we had captures the picture we had planned prior. Very professional, approachable and I am totally satisfied with the end result I have. People have asked me who the photographer was that I used and I have explained briefly the amazing process that makes Lousie unique and the reason I chose to work with her. I really believed she would deliver exactly what I wanted and she sure did! Would recommend Louise to any woman that wants to see her self exactly as she imagined and be able to look at pictures of her that are incredible! Thanks Louise, by far the best shoot I have ever had and the best pictures ever! Mwah X