A 10 minute Business Portrait that captures the natural essence of You

It doesn’t have to be long-winded or painful or awkward or stressful or boring or anxiety provoking to have your Business Portrait taken.  So many business owners respond with a ‘sigh’ or withdraw right in front of me when I initially talk to them in networking events about updating their business portraits.  They have this pre-conceived idea about how it is all going to take place.  For some, it sounds like they would rather organise a root canal than be in front of the camera.

Chris was not one of these people.  She came into this session with openness and respect for the process.  She had never had a photo shoot with myself before, so had no idea what to expect.  Even though there were some initial nerves from her for being in front of the camera, my intuitive process helped her relax very quickly and she began to lighten!

The 10 minute Business Portrait with Chris went something like this:

“Hi, how are you going Chris, what did you do this weekend, did you have a good weekend?”

“Have a seat over here, just naturally sink into the chair and relax”.

“OK, can you lift one shoulder, cross your arms and legs in whichever way feels most comfortable, and tilt your head like so”.

“Chris, can you close your eyes for me? I want you to take a deep breath in for me….and now one more time….I want you to hear all of the sounds in the room and outside the room…..Notice how the chair feels that you are sitting on…..be in the present moment”.

“Chris, now turn your focus inward, with your eyes closed, I want you to notice your breath as it naturally moves in and out through your nose and mouth.  Notice how your clothes are sitting against your body.  Relax the muscles in your hands and in your cheeks.”

“I want you to now think about your ideal client, who they are, what they look like, what they love doing, what their connection is with your business and how you want to serve them…..I invite you to think about how you want this ideal client to FEEL about your business and your service”.

“Take another deep breath”.

“Now on three I want you to open your eyes….and show the camera exactly how you want your ideal client to feel when working with you.”




EmotiveImages_140320_Chris_WEB copy

Some words from Chris about her experience:

As a business owner I know the importance of having updated and fresh photos for my

social media image. So I took advantage of an opportunity presented by Louise of Emotive

Images to have a new portrait shot taken for this very purpose.

I was most impressed with Louise’s professionalism before the appointment, at the time of

the photos being taken and with the follow up.

The session took about 10 mins and she made me feel very comfortable – even though

having my photo taken is not something I particularly like. The end result is a lovely

photo that truly captures the natural essence of me – the photo shows genuineness and

authenticity that I am proud to say is a photo of me.

Thank you Louise – I love the photo!!

Chris Wildeboer