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Let me guess.


You want your brand to be unmatched, iconic, and memorable. You want to attract a higher level of enquiries, referrals and fees from your dream clients.

You’ve got big dreams. Big goals.


But deep inside, you know the reason why you’re not there yet? It's because you are standing in your own way.

Say hello to FUTURE YOU Brand Photography & Strategy!


Through a journey that mixes photography and psychology, I take you through an archetypal approach to branding and messaging. Once your brand message is clear, I photograph you as you would be in 18 months time, at your fullest potential, with your goals fully realised and your confidence dialled up to the max!


It's like we have jumped into a DeLorean car together and used 1.21 gigawatts of power to transport us to 18 months INTO THE FUTURE. I help guide you to clearly articulate, visualise and embody the FUTURE YOU as you would be in 18 months!


For example...

If you are a speaker, we will talk about what actual stages you will be speaking on and how many people will be in the audience. We create the memory right in front of the camera, using both visualisation, body awareness and music.


The psychology behind this process aligns your mindset to your present-day choices & habits to play a bigger game! Your big picture becomes a part of your world view.


Connecting you strongly to the FUTURE YOU means that you start stepping into your greatest potential, in the here and now! You start embracing the full power of your gifts.


The FUTURE YOU portrait becomes your anchor for tapping into your fullest potential.


It is a totally liberating experience!


Trailblazers come in all shapes and sizes.


Generic marketing strategies & stock standard headshots will only hinder a trailblazer.
So why are you playing it safe and visually communicating your brand . just . like . everyone . else ?

Why does your headshot look like everyone else's in your industry?

And why are you talking about similar topics within your brand message?

There is a way to be the tallest poppy in the field while also lifting everyone else up around you!
There is a way to become the unicorn in a field of horses and help guide your audience to better business / life / health.


Let me show you how!

: : Dr Irena Yashin-Shaw's Experience : :

I love working with creative people. And Louise is really creative. She is not a photographer - she is an artist.


She has a wonderful talent for seeing what COULD be rather than just what IS. Her work reflects this.


The stunning images she has created for me took me way out of my comfort zone. That is what I loved about working with Louise!

My life philosophy is about pushing the boundaries - and Louise so got that. Work with Louise when you are ready to take a giant leap forward through your branding. And just trust her - she knows what she is doing.

Dr Irena's Brand Identity + Brand Photography + Brand Strategy

Irena and I created the postcard below to hand out at Irena's next keynote speaking opportunity overseas.


This piece of collateral created such a stir with the audience. She was approached after her speech by many who wanted a photograph with Dr Irena and both of them posing with the clenched fist and pouting mouth.


This was the beginning of a movement and the visual communication of her brand's message and purpose...


Liberating innovation, creativity & intrapreneurialism in workplaces, teams and leadership!

Fast forward through a year of workshops hosted by Irena, at which I recommended that she buy extra glasses and capture photographs with workshop attendees wearing the glasses with her. We intertwined her thought leadership IP around the symbolism of that original photograph.


A year later, Irena invites me to photograph her first-ever Australian Intrapreneurs Summit.

180 branded glasses are handed out to each attendee.

Irena's keynote speech intertwines the meaning behind the photograph, to the call for greater innovation in workplaces. A room full of government employees step into the spirit of that photograph. Irena becomes the guide for a room full of heros! Intrapreneurs ready to see their work differently!


I knew in that moment that I was witnessing the explosion of a movement, that was taking on a life of it's own!

This FUTURE YOU Experience is Ideal for YOU if:

You are someone who considers themselves to be an Expert, Innovative Entrepreneur, or a Multi-potentialite.


You are a Keynote Speaker, Author, Mentor, Coach, who wants to stand out from the crowd!


You are a Real Estate Agent, Accountant, Counsellor, a Creative or Designer, or you develop Online Courses.


Value the process of transformation and full self-expression.


Committed to doing the work and stepping up and choosing to stretch yourself.


Can trust and surrender to parts of the process that are organic and more psychological in nature.


Open to the challenge of disrupting your status quo and exploring ideas you might not have considered yet.

: : Emma Willmann's Experience : :

As an Image Consultant, choosing someone to capture you in photos is incredibly tough. Being a visual communicator, you have a high benchmark and need the photographer to:

  1. Understand how to capture your visual image;
  2. Respects your creative process;
  3. Is strong enough to challenge your preconceived notions and will call out your blind spots; and
  4. Has an X factor in their work.


Louise has all of these qualities in spades. She and I had a shared love of Jungian theory and it was not surprising that after a quick chat, we realised we both were an Alchemist archetype and loved to help people but only if we could shake things up!


I was inspired by the way she photographed people because it was more about embodiment rather than just an aesthetically pleasing shot. I have had loads of professional shots taken and whilst they turned out nice, they lacked the potency of Louise’s photography. When I look at the final images Louise took, I am often moved to tears because it is like looking into a mirror of my soul. I feel like people can see exactly who I am, no pretence and the impact of this is a powerful potent attractor for people who need you in their lives and then it filters out those who were never going to be raving fans anyway.


During the shoot, having my own playlist blaring helped me tap into my why - my essence and what it is I am on this planet to do. It allowed me to move and feel things that I wouldn't usually bring to a shoot but are an important part of me and my business.


Louise's presence was both comforting & encouraging as she coaxed the deepest parts of me to surface. She would not let me get away with comfortable, safe poses, instead requiring me to engage with my core and really feel the experience. I cried, I danced, I laughed, I punched and I roared. All of this is me and she was a conduit to allowing it out.


How could all of this not change me? Both the experience on the day of the shoot and then seeing myself in the photos afterwards was like an indelible reminder of who I am, what I am doing here and why I need to keep doing it. It was life-affirming and gave me a momentum in my business that I needed at that time.


She has ruined me for any stock standard headshots forever- and I love that!


Thank you, Louise. For existing and for sharing your magic with the world.

: : Amanda Blesing's Experience : :

I used Louise Williams's photography and rebranding services to assist me to reposition myself and link my visual assets more closely with my own IP.


Wow. Louise really delivers.


What I loved most is that she really gets female empowerment. Her advice on taking up space with poses that have more power along with her creativity in turning my words into visual memes has not only been powerful but also a heap of fun.


I can't wait to start using my new imagery more fully!

Amanda's Brand Identity + Brand Photography + Brand Strategy

Amanda already had a thriving practice as a trailblazing women's leadership coach in Melbourne! The goal was to communicate more visually the narrative of Amanda's brand message and the journey she takes her clients through. She had a book she was nearly finished writing, so was in need of photographs to also support that marketing.


The response to her book cover and content was nothing short of incredible, with her ideal audience loving the energy of the message!

The symbol that became the brand message anchor for Amanda's brand, was the black hat.

It had just the right balance of feminine and masculine, which was an important part of the brief.

What I love about Amanda's ability to create and self-promote, is that she even created her own style of perfume scent and the fully branded box to accompany it!


The beauty of working with self-starting trailblazers like Amanda, is that they become inspired by the work we do together, triggering off new IP, new book ideas, marketing collateral and strategies that support their big future visions!

About Louise

A Brand Identity Photographer, Confidence + Mindset Coach & Brand Strategist.

Once a Psychologist in a former life, I now empower emerging & established leaders, trailblazers, and kick-ass over-achievers to accelerate their personal brand positioning & dial-up their visibility.

I blend photographic storytelling with identity psychology & archetypes.

Headshots | Personal Brand Photography | Coaching | Team Building | Staff Photos | Workshops

Based in Brisbane, while also looking after clients in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth & International clients.

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