Imagine those moments that you had with your partner early on in your relationship, where every touch, glance, and word spoken from the other person was so electric.  That moment when nothing else could be heard or sensed, other than the presence of your partner.

The glorious moment when you would feel full of joy and butterflies when you would see him or her return from a trip away.

As these moments settle into the normal day-to-day world of life with your partner and the months and years march on, the memories of these initial moments are still present in photographs stored away in albums and much-loved memory boxes.

Remember when you first found out that you were pregnant, or when you first told your partner, or when you first laid eyes on your first child?  Those first few moments when hopes for the future were so clear and abundant with heart-filled joy!

Life moves so quickly after having children, they grow so much bigger with each year that passes.  The little newborn that you cradled in your arms has grown, and becoming more aware and confident within the world.

As you sit under the back patio with family album in hand, while your child asks questions about each photo, and you reminisce about "those years", and you think to yourself "where has the time gone?".

Looking through the 1st year birthday cards, and coming across your child's first favourite toy and their little shoes that they no longer fit.....all of these things hold memories that you hold dear.

Imagine if you could reconnect with all of those initial feelings of joy and visions for a hope-filled future that you had when they were first born, AND be able to reflect these memories back to your partner and family.

During a Legacy Portrait experience, as each of you listens and recounts your own memories of times gone by when your family laughed, cried, faced adventure, met milestones.....photographs are taken while you reconnect with one another!

A Legacy Portrait Session is both a photography session and a reconnection activity.

Whether you are a small or large family, an extended family, a three generation of women, or even a furbaby family....this experience is for you!

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